Meyers I400 Standard Features

Engine - Garrett AiResearch TPE331-6 prop-jet, 840 TSHP (thermodynamic shaft horsepower) user limited to 400 shp on take-off.

Woodward prop governor

Hartzell HCB-3TN-5C 3-blade 86" diameter propeller with 10.5 reverse (beta) capability.

5.5 psi cabin differential with AiResearch air-cycle machine for heating and air conditioning

Bleed air engine inlet anti-ice, electric prop de-ice, BF Goodrich pneumatic wing and tail de-ice boots, electrically heated pitot tube, static system and stall warning vane.

28v electrical system with 200 amp starter-generator

1/2" thick windshield with 3/8" thick side and rear windows

Fully enclosed hydraulic retractable landing gear.

Semi-Fowler hydraulic actuated flaps with 20 pre-set, infinitely variable to 40.

Differential aileron control.  Push-pull tubes for aileron and elevator control.

Spring tensioned cables for nose-wheel steering and rudder control.

Retractable boarding assist step.

3-axis mechanical trim.

Cleveland wheels and brakes.

Full instrumentation with 3-axis autopilot, (yaw damper) HSI, Flight Director, Slaved RMI, WX-1000 slaved Stormscope dual glideslopes, fuel totalizer and 4-place intercom with Flitephone.

Leather interior.

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Paul M. Whetstone, President


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