Meyers (Interceptor) 400 Windows

Here we are starting to fit the pilot side forward window

The fit is getting closer but 3/8" glass is tough

Here's a good view of the new door window arrangement. We are adding the strap to both pilot and passenger side to prepare for raising the pressure differential. In production, the door skin would be one-piece but hey, this is R&D.


Inside view showing the already riveted pilot window strap


Rear view with one window fit, ready for sealing. Pardon the dust but one can not wipe it off dry without scratching the polished aluminum.


Pilot side view with both forward windows almost installed.


Pilots side view looking aft. Notice the nice curvature of the canopy.

Close-up view of fit before holes are enlarged and chamfered in the glass. 3/8 glass (Plex II) makes it possible to flush mount the windows by machining a ledge around the outer edge the thickness of the skin. The polishing required after this, however, is horrendous and very time consuming.

As of October, 1999, the aircraft is almost ready for flight. The new 1/2" thick windshield has been installed. Boy, that was a job. It's almost bullet-proof. All four rear windows are installed and only the door windows need final fit and polishing. Putting the straps in the front side windows has improved the looks of the aircraft as well as increased safety and the possibility of raising the delta P.

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Paul M. Whetstone, President


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