Paul Whetstone Appointed NAAA Aircraft Appraiser

The National Aircraft Appraiser's Association (NAAA) has appointed Paul Whetstone to be a Certified Aircraft Appraiser.  This makes Paul one of the only NAAA Appraisers in San Antonio.  NAAA Certification is only awarded to individuals who possess a high degree of experience and skill in the maintenance aspect of aviation.  To learn more about the NAAA, Click Here.

Paul has set up a company, Southwestern Aircraft Appraisals to provide appraisal services for banks, attorneys and private individuals.  The NAAA is currently the only approved organization to issue certified appraisals for Bank of America and the US Government.

Southwestern Aircraft Appraisals can issue Market Valuations without actually looking at the aircraft and Certified Appraisals after a thorough inspection of the aircraft and its logs.  Certified Appraisals are backed by the resources of the NAAA.  Market Valuations can be performed immediately, usually with information provided by the client via telephone or email.

We feel this will give us an important edge when it comes to possibly taking aircraft in on trade for new Meyers 200Ds and other company matters.  To see the full range of Southwestern Aircraft Appraisals services and fees, Click Here.




Paul M. Whetstone, President


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