Special Report

Quantum industry changes on the horizon.

Who's going to benefit?


There is a potential 5 billion dollar plus industry developing but there are very few players prepared to tap into it.  This would about double the annual US General Aviation sales.  And this does not count a doubling of that in ancillary economic benefits.

Bottom Line - the US transportation system, developed over 50 years ago as a hub and spoke ground and air system, is failing.  The Federal Government, NASA, FAA and a consortium of States know this and are spending big bucks to solve the problem.

The media and Wall Street have recently been decrying the air and ground congestion but are completely unaware of the solution being built right under their noses.  The solution is SATS (Small Aircraft Transportation System).

Only a handful of small players are poised to reap the benefits.  Alliances will have to be forged by big industry with these players to get in the game.  But they don't even know there is a game.

As the information age ushers in the third migratory wave of the US population (from the suburbs to the exurbs), small business has found no technology can replace the face-to-face meeting factor to close the deal.  Years ago it was postulated that video conferencing would ease the travel burdens, but that has proven false.  Electronics can not transmit feelings, premonitions and even body language can be hidden.

SATS will be the mainstay of most of the US GNP producers, small business.

So who will reap the benefits?

Small aircraft manufacturers, entrepreneurs, small towns, reclusive resorts, and extraordinary golf courses amongst a few, and only those stodgy old giants who make alliances now.  They must make alliances as they can not even begin to understand the market.

Will it be DuPont, Alcoa, Toyota, Honda, Deawoo, United Technologies, Honeywell (Allied Signal), Teledyne, GE, Avis, Hertz, Enterprise, American, Delta, Warren Buffett, Motel 6, or will some be left out.  Only time will tell.  

We're in for a very, very exciting ride.




Paul M. Whetstone, President

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