The Meyers 600

Meyers Aircraft has an extremely competitive single engine 4 place piston aircraft in the 200D, a very fast pressurized 4 place turboprop in the Interceptor 400, and to take advantage of one of the new, low-cost GAP turbine engines when they become available, we present the Meyers 600.

The 600 is designed to use the same center section, landing gear and outer wing attach points as the 200D and 400.  The basic construction will be the same as the 200D and I400, aluminum over 4130 steel frames for maximum lightning protection, crashworthiness and durability.  The cockpit will be the same as the I400 with the advanced AGATE/SATS avionics.  The outer wing panels will be optimized for a higher altitude and front and rear 4130 protection and support tubing will be added as appropriate.

This 4 place single engine jet will cruise up to 35,000 feet at 400 knots in pressurized comfort.  Stall speed will be 60.5 knots with a gross weight of 4200 pounds.  All specifications are preliminary, but we feel we are pretty accurate at this stage.  The commonality with the other aircraft will help to keep the costs down.  The aircraft is shown with wing tanks, which may not be necessary depending on the fuel specifics of the engine.  The goal will be to have a 1200 - 1500 mile range with reserves.  De-icing will be standard.

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Paul M. Whetstone, President


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