An Expert's Opinion

The following letter was received from Mr. Ray Forrest and is sufficiently interesting to share with those interested about what a real, qualified expert has to say about the Meyers.  The letter and Mr. Forrest's Resume are presented with salient comments provided subsequently by Management.


Background Facts:

1.    Mr. Forrest is a graduate aerospace engineer with a BS in Aeronautical Engineering from Texas A&M and a Masters in Air Transportation Systems, UC Berkeley.

2.    His engineering specialties include flight performance and airplane stability and control.

3.    He was employed by the FAA as a flight test engineer.

4.    He worked at NASA Ames and Langley as a research project engineer on projects relating to flight performance.

5.    He was employed by the FAA twice.  This is not done if you are not competent and appreciated.

6.    Mr. Forrest is currently a FAA Designated Engineering Representative (DER), Flight Analyst.

7.    He owns part interest in a Meyers 200.

Interesting Comments from a true professional

"We are very pleased with the performance, handling and cabin comfort of this airplane."

"I feel it is a design which compares very favorably with current designs in it's class."

"I believe the Meyers airplane with your proposed design refinements can be price and performance competitive with current metal and new composite kit designs."

"There is every reason to believe you can succeed."

Management Observations

1.    Mr. Forrest is a "real" pro who understands what aircraft can and should do in terms of performance, stability and control.

2.    Mr. Forrest chooses to own a Meyers 200.

3.    Mr. Forrest is "very pleased with the performance, handling and cabin comfort" of the Meyers 200.

Management Conclusions

This true professional owns and is pleased with the Meyers 200.  He knows what real aircraft can and should do.  We are pleased to have Mr. Forrest as an Owner and recommend that less experienced yet equally enthusiastic pilots, think about what the foregoing means.  There is not much more we need to say.





Paul M. Whetstone, President


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