Tuft Tests

You can see some of the reasons the 200D is so fast.  Notice how nicely the tufts lay along the top of the wing.  There does not appear to be much turbulence due to the forward wing to fuselage junction.  This aircraft has the semi-Horner style wing tips.  Notice not much disturbance in the outer aft portion of the aileron and the aft tip section.  This is why these style tips increase aileron authority and eliminate the tendency to drop a wing on rotation.  There does appear to be an area of opportunity in the rear wing fillet area to reduce some drag.

Left rudder is being applied here and there is still pretty good attachment.  Notice how the rounded elevator tip causes disturbance above and below at the outer aft portion of the elevator.  One can even see one tuft sticking straight up on the top surface.  Rounded wingtips cause the same type of disturbance, only greater.

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